Meet and Learn with the Dewings

Dr Charles Dewing and Joan DewingLast January the Seafarers Agencies of Hampton Roads (SAHR) sponsored a three day “Meet and Learn” event with Dr. Charles (Chuck) Dewing and his wife Joan that began on Sunday the 13th. Chuck and Joan were missionaries with Christians United in Action (the mission’s arm of United Evangelical Churches). Chuck and Joan’s specific calling is to the Filipino people.  They served for 27 years as resident missionaries in The Philippine Islands.   They were also facilitators for the Asian Center for Missions.  In 2007, while serving two years in the country of Malta, they began a ministry to the Filipino seafarers.

That Sunday morning Dr. Dewing spoke at the Living Faith Christian Fellowship. Several Filipino families attend Living Faith and were very interested in how they might assist in serving seafarers.  A reception for Dr. Dewing was held at the Downtown Portsmouth Branch of TowneBank later that afternoon.  A casual round table discussion was held and light refreshments were served. The program introduced SAHR and Dr. Dewing discussed aid the seafarers in Hampton Roads is needed.

On Monday and Tuesday the Dewings visited seafarers center in the area and observed how they operated. They offered advice for improvement of operations. Chaplain Glenn Crawford of Tidewater Transportation Ministries escorted them to various centers.  The Dewings were in the area to attend a missions meeting and kindly lent their time to help support seafarers agencies in Hampton Roads.

Chuck and Joan presently travel globally encouraging port missionaries and reaching out to seafarers. Through their worldwide travel they have seen and been involved with various forms of seafarers centers. They were here to assist SAHR and the Maritime Community in developing a modern, up to date program in Hampton Roads. They recently helped Mr. Dan Bailey open the new International Seafarers Mission in Miami.

SAHR was created by the various Seafarer Centers within the Port of Hampton Roads at the encouragement of the Virginia Maritime Association.  This enables VMA and its members to contribute to a single entity that then distributes funds as needed. These centers promote the well-being of the merchant seafarer while the ship he serves on is in our port.

Since Dr. Dewing’s visit Pastor Mar Biazon and several men from the Living Faith Baptist Church have begun volunteering their time with the Norfolk Seaman’s Friends Society.  They have been actively serving seafarers at the Norfolk International Terminal.

For further information about SAHR or assisting Merchant seafarers contact  or phone 757 251 0860