Formation of the Seafarers Agencies of Hampton Roads announced at Virginia Maritime Association Banquet

The Virginia Maritime Association (VMA) announced the formation of Seafarer Agencies of Hampton Roads (SAHR) at its annual banquet on May the 9th, 2013. SAHR was formed to represent the various agencies within Hampton Roads that provide support for the merchant seafarers while their ship is visiting Hampton Roads. SAHR was established at the request and encouragement of VMA so that the maritime industry will have a way to contribute to these agencies.


The board of directors of SAHR is comprised of representatives from each of the participating agencies.  The board will be responsible for distributing funds and equipment they receive to the various agencies they represent on a needs basis.  SAHR will work closely with VMA and the Hampton Roads terminal operators to develop plans that allow every terminal to arrange shore side support such as internet access, phone communications and the ability to go ashore (if permitted) for seafarers.


If you work with or are aware of individuals or groups that currently advocate for seafarers then contact SAHR so that cooperation and support can be offered.  SAHR membership is the choice of the agency or individual as SAHR does not force membership on anyone.  However, SAHR is interested in those who are serving seafarers throughout the port area and how they are doing so. Knowledge of work effort will prevent overlapping of services from occurring and make resources and dollars go further.