The Seafarers Agencies of Hampton Roads (SAHR) represents the various seafarer’s centers within the port.


The purpose of this SAHR is to present the work of and needs of each participating organization in a uniform manner to the maritime community and raise the level of awareness within the maritime community to the needs of the merchant seafarer while in port. The committee shall represent all participating organizations in an equal manner promoting, guiding and improving the work of seafarer’s welfare within the port.

The SAHR shall also provide assistance as available to the participating organizations in order to help them:

  • Seek grants for specific needs
  • Improve equipment used to support the seafarer while in port
  • Develop a presence within the maritime community
  • Assist in long range planning to improve seafarers welfare services throughout the port


The objectives of the SAHR are:

  • Promote the work of the participating organizations to the maritime community
  • Strengthen the financial support base of the participating organizations by developing a program of logical fund raising events and other methods as deemed appropriate
  • To strengthen and increase the volunteer base of the participating organizations
  • To broaden the port seafarers welfare program to cover all ships entering the Port of Hampton Roads




1 thought on “About

  1. I am one of the men that meet,greet,and transport the many seafarers to anywhere the need is. Such as stores in any of our cities,western union to send funds to there homeland for there families . We give them bibles in any lanuage,sell at cost phone cards to call home. Most of all we make them feel at home among us. They may use wi-fy and or the computer at the seaman center. We counsel them with Gods word when requested. We are a bible base and friend to all seafarer’s. Have a blessed day,
    Jack Meeks

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