Tidewater Transport Ministries

Tidewater Transportation Ministries, Inc. (TTM-VA) is a 501c(3) non-profit organisation serving the mariners and port transportation workers of Norfolk Harbor, Virginia.

TTM-VA is a ministry affiliated with Port Ministries International (PMI) and one of their major supporters is the Portsmouth Baptist Association

 Our Mission

Tidewater Transportation Ministries Inc.sets as its mission the following:

  1. To meet, board and contact as many of the officers and crew of as many ships that our staff and resources permit
  2. To treat each person we contact as an individual, giving each respect, attention, and care regardless of race, creed, ethnic origin, religion or any other factor.
  3. To work with all segments of the Hampton Roads community to improve the humanitarian outreach to visiting seafarers.
  4. To remain true to our Baptist heritage while remaining respectful of those who follow other beliefs.

Visit the TTM-VA website to learn more: http://www.ttm-va.org/

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